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My Baby Soothing Must-haves

Monday, October 20, 2014

Henley is seven months old now!  I seriously can't believe how fast time is going by.  It seems like yesterday she was a newborn: crying, sleeping, eating...eating...and eating.  Besides using breastfeeding as a pacifier (guilty), I had to find other ways to soothe Henley.  I eventually got the hang of it (mostly) and now, I thought I would share with you my list of must haves to help soothe a fussy baby. Everyone seems to have different favorites and here are mine (and why):

Brica mirror: This mirror has been a lifesaver in the car.  It's super cute, lights up, and plays music.  There is a daytime/upbeat setting for when you just need to keep them awake and happy and a sleepy/calming setting for when it's time to nap.  There is even a remote control to make it easy to operate while driving.  I use it every time we are in the car!

Pack 'n Play with newborn napper: This was Henley's bed for the first three months.  She slept in our room in the newborn napper portion until she outgrew it.  There is a vibrating pack that adheres to the underside of the napper that helps soothe baby to sleep.  This definitely helped with calming Henley back to sleep when she woke up and no longer needed to eat so often.
Calming Vibrations Cuddle Soother :  Well, we call "her" Ellie.  This elephant soother is perfect for napping on the go.  It vibrates and plays music for ten minutes, which is great to block out noise and keep Baby asleep while you run errands.

Receiving Blankets:  These are not only for swaddling, but work for keeping the babe warm while you're on the freezer aisle in Target, or especially for impromptu burp cloths.  They are super easy to make, and you can see how, here.

My Baby Sound Spa: A sound machine is a MUST for helping baby to get to sleep and STAY asleep!  Most that are out there turn off within a certain amount of time, but this one is awesome and stays on continuously or you can use a timer.  I just leave mine on all day, haha!  Another great thing about it is that you can use batteries to make it portable.

There you have it!  My top five baby soothing items.  Hope that they help some of you with new babies!  For all of you other moms out there, what are some of your favorite ways/items to calm a fussy baby? 

DIY Multipurpose Baby Lovie

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Babies love tags. Give them a toy/blankie/pillow, etc. they will find the tag and obsess over it.  I guess that's why they make blankies and toys with tags all over them...go figure!  As a hoarder of fabric, ribbon, and well, all types of craft supplies, I decided to make a lovie/taggie blankie for Henley.  I added in a binkie strap in the corner to keep track of one of the tens of binkies that I have and misplace on a daily basis.  It is really multipurpose because it acts as a lovie, pacifier holder, taggie toy, and burp cloth in a pinch! This project took about ten minutes from start to finish.  Perfect for naptime, especially when you have a cat-napper like mine.

What you need: 

•18" x 10" Flannel fabric
•18" x 10" Minky fabric
• 10 Pieces of ribbon 4" long
• 1 piece of thin ribbon 6" long
• Pins
• Sewing machine
• Coordinating thread
• Scissors

How it's done:

1. Cut your fabric.  You can make yours any size or shape you want, but you may need more ribbon if your Lovie is bigger than 18 x 10". 

2. Lay your flannel fabric out flat, right side up.  Take your pieces of ribbon, fold them in half, and pin them evenly around your fabric.  Make sure to pin the open edge (as opposed to the loop) to the edge of the fabric with the loop facing the middle of the fabric.  Pin the 6" ribbon in one of the corners. It will serve as a pacifier strap.

3. Once all the ribbon is pinned in place, place your minky material on top of your flannel and ribbon, right side down.  Pin the pieces together. 

4. Sew along the edge with a 1/2" seam allowance.  Make sure to leave a small opening to turn the lovie right-side-out.

5. Once turned, press and fold in the unfinished hem and sew shut with a 1/8" seam allowance. Continue sewing around the entire lovie for a finished look.

6. Attach a pacifier and give to your little one! Or, give as a gift!

Henley LOVES hers!

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