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Incredibly Easy Receiving Blankets

Friday, July 25, 2014

While pregnant, I kept reading that I needed a bunch of receiving blankets.  However, every time I went to buy them, I couldn't believe the prices!  My mom had bought a pack of Carter's receiving blankets, and basically, they're a square of flannel with serged edges...piece of cake to make!  I made a ton for baby Henley and I use them all the time (that's her at just 4 days old)!  I recently made some for a friend who had twin boys.  Here's how I made them:

What you need:

• 1 yard flannel (Joann's always has great 
• Coordinating thread
• Rotary cutter or scissors
• Serger or sewing machine
• Bowl to trace round edges (if desired)

Directions for Serger:

1.  Wash, dry and iron your flannel.  Lay flat then cut a square 30" x 30". 

2.  Fold in half twice so that all four corners are stacked.

3. Place your bowl about two inches from the corners.  Cut around the edge of the bowl using your rotary blade or scissors.  

4. Serge around the entire blanket edge, and you're done!

Directions for Sewing Machine: 

1. Wash, dry and iron your flannel.  Lay flat then cut a square 31" x 31". 

2. Fold over each side 1/2", then 1/2" again for a finished edge. Sew along all of the edges of the blanket using a zig zag stitch and you're done! 

These blankets are so easy to make and make perfect gifts for someone who is expecting.  With the leftover flannel you can even make a burp cloth or two to match! See my burp cloth tutorial here

2 Responses to “Incredibly Easy Receiving Blankets”

  1. How do you keep your corners from being so thick with the 2 double folds at each corner?

  2. what thread count are you using for your serger? 3 or 4 and what type of hem?



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