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See's Candies Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Friday, November 22, 2013

This week, my husband and I had the opportunity to attend a wine and chocolate pairing for the grand opening of See's Candies at the Tustin Marketplace.  When I first got the invite, I was super excited because I LOVE See's.  You already know I have a sweet tooth, but seriously, ever since I can remember, every trip to the mall with my mom was not complete without a visit to See's. I realized I couldn't take part in the wine tasting, but figured I could get Brent to have a few tastings for me and I could eat all the candy I wanted, score!

If you happen to be in the Orange County Area, you know that the Tustin Marketplace is huge.  There are so many different groupings of stores and it gets a lot of customers, especially during the holidays.  That is one of the reasons that See's is opening this first ever large concept store in this location.  You know how long those lines get in the tiny shops at the mall, well See's at Tustin is the largest See's there is, which makes it perfect for Holiday shopping.

We had a great time tasting the samples of chocolate and learning from Domaine Somm about the wines from to pair them with.  Brent's favorite pairing was the Dark Raspberry Cream paired with the 2012 Muscat.

We even got to go behind the scenes/counter and see how they house all of the delicious confections!  My personal favorites are the Milk Chocolate Butter, Milk Patties, and Milk Almonds.  Yum!  I found out that associates that work at See's get to eat ANYTHING they want!  I so should have worked there!  Oh, and you know the black and white tiles in every store?  They are a nod to Mary See's (Creator of See's Candies) own kitchen.

After eating more See's Candies in one sitting that I ever have before (a pregnant girl's dream!) we went home and I got the best sleep I have had in a long while!  I swear it was all of that chocolate! :)

Thank you See's Candies and Domaine Somm for such a fun event! 

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